I wish YYE would carry these because they already carry kendamas and spin tops, plus diablos aren’t that different from offstring yoyos.

Not Diablo

And I agree! This would make it way easier for me to pick up a new set!

But now here is where I disagree. Diabolo is absolutely nothing lie offstring. Completely and utterly 2 separate entities. They may share a few tricks, such as orbits. But that’s about it!

4A got it’s origins in diabolo. There are many similarities and tricks, but other than that, they are vastly different beasts that operate on similar but very different concepts.

For a while, there was a Diabolo menu item on the store, but it only took you to a page with no products available. It pretty much silently came and went without fanfare. I think it was a concept that was being considered, but then abandoned and removed.

I Do realize that, and I did note that there are similar tricks :slight_smile:
But That’s sad news. If they end up carrying some of the new Diabolos I’ve been eyeing
I won’t have to order overseas.
Most Diabolo companys in the US aren’t as popular, or on the same level as the European Diabolos.

What brands and models have you been looking at? I’ve had my eyes on a Sundia triple bearing one. I have a Henry’s Vision fixed axle. This is an area I don’t intend to know a lot about, but I do know I want a triple bearing diabolo and another pair of nice sticks.

The Brand new Epic A-Dream diabolos. Mainly these.
Finesses with Some Modifications. Freestyle Hubs and the Prisms. Delish.
Circuses with the Ultra Solution kits.
and The Sundia Mirco Bearing. (To get more serious With Slacks and whips in diabolo)

Also, The Taibolo Note bearing looks too beautiful not to mention!
I also want a few more pairs of Taibolo handsticks
And Some Deos Carbons to replace my broken pair haha!

I have a lot on my wants list. I’m selling yoyos I never use to afford some of these!

Your right there not the same maybe a better comparison would be 9a since some people use the sticks as counter weights. That’s how I see it anyways.

What the heck is 9a?

4a + 5a

I call that CW Offstring.
9a would mean it’s a competition style (I do believe)

Having a #A designation just means that people have chosen to accept that as the name for the style of off-string with a CW.(which can be used in competition, and has been). Soloham has also been used in competition, usually briefly though as the rules for 4A in most competitions allow multiple yoyos in play. 5A usually has the same multiple yoyo allowance.

They could have easily come up with different terms for the 5 major play styles.

Ahh. Well, I don’t Think it’d be called 9A then. Since there isn’t 6,7,or 8A yet.

8a would be 4a + 4a (offstring with 2 yoyos) 7a would be 5a + 2a (that would be super interesting) idk 6a yet.

From YoYoWiki:(http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Styles_Of_Play)

Freehand Offstring

Also known as 9A (5A plus 4A),

A counterweight is attached to the string, but the yo-yo is left unattached. This allows for a fusion of 5A concepts with 4A concepts into one trick, into one unique style. Notable players of this style include Ryan Lai.

7A is 2a with counterweights.

8A by your description AKA Soloham would be effectively 4A with 2 yoyos. You’re basically using either one long string(half would for each yoyo), but is usually each yoyo has its own string for the purposes of throwing/binding, but one string is used primarily for tricks.

The variety is somewhat limited, but the trick possibility is infinite due to the various existing and not yet explored styles yet.