My friend thought of this. It would be offstring counterweight, and i thought it would be a cool thing to do. Any thoughts?

Somebody has already thought of that, notable player is ryan lai.

oh. didn’t know 'bout that… :-[

Isn’t that 9A?

thats 9a

7A = 2A + 5A
8A = 3A + 5A (also 10A, which is 5A + 5A, and 13A, which is 5A + 5A + 3A)
9A = 4A + 5A
18A = 9A * 2

There has not yet been a candidate style suitable for assignment to ‘6A’. Pretty much everything out there can fit in some way into at least one of the five main divisions under our current system, and there aren’t nearly enough people who actively pursue any specialized styles to actually start another division.

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so many A’s…

Does anyone have any videos some of these styles seem to be pretty interesting.

I forget who it was, but someone took advantage of the 5A rule set and was doing double 5A in his routine at BAC. Nice to see people going outside the box!

The rules for 1A,2A and 3A are fairly rigid. 4A and 5A are much more open-ended in many aspects, allowing many of these other styles of play to somehow make an appearance. Even so, there is enough flexibility in the first 3 styles to allow for some degree of “outside of the box” performance.

You can do 4A or 5A, or any combination thereof, in 3A. You just have to have two yoyos in play.

I remember watching a performance by Rei Iwakura. I think it was Worlds…but he was doing something more bizarre. Like two strings with counterweights on both in one yoyo :open_mouth:
But I also saw a pair of 5A yoyos in play.

I think that offstring counterwight is called A0

Ive tried two off string yoyos…didn’t go two well…I’ve seen several diablos being used though.

Dear god and heaven please do no bring the adding of A’s into this conversation. Its such a bizarre headache to get.

Agreed. All of these styles need real names.

I’ve seen the prefix astro used to mean that a style is done with a counterweight (e.g. astrobius).
Ariel is sometimes used for 4A, etc.

With prefixes like these It’s easy to tell what style’s being talked about. For example, could anyone tell me what Ariel Astrolooping would theoretically be? xD

i say 9A should be just off-counter

Astro refers specifically to a sliding counterweight—the term comes from Astrojax.

Aerial is a 5A trick, or a contest division set aside for 4A and/or 5A, usually in conjunction with a dual (2A/3A) and a single (1A) division.


My mistake! :slight_smile:

most of these styles do have real names.

What about is someone did hydra on each hand (so 4 yoyos total, 2 on each hand). I don’t know if these is possible but I would think this would be like 6a because it is 3a *2. And just wondering has anyone tried two strings attached to one yoyo and one hand. So like 1a with 2 strings?