would it be possible to do offstring+counterweight yoyo?
just wondering

Interesting… How about 7a? A yoyo with two counterweights like those astrojacks. But one is a yoyo.

yeah or maybe like offstring 2 handed?

Um. That would be a little too impossible. You need two hands to yo with it or just whip returns.

Offstring with 2 yoyos :smiley:

ryan lai doing 9a at worlds

i waz thinking of freehand wit two yoyos and throwing up the yoyo and releasing both cw

Benn done. Its called Soloham :wink:

It would seem kinda hard…
I mean, ZOMG FLYING YOYOS WATCH OUT. That kinda stuff.

its called double dicing.

check here www.theglasslab.com under large videos under unclasified material.

My 6A is 2 counterweight yoyos.

that would be 13a.

cmon peoples.

research. know your art. know what’s been done.

Jayyo invented a style!

1AD Sounds cool!

1/2A sounds kinda weird o_O

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I was thinking the same thing… I wanna try

I wonder if there are special “half” yoyos made for this.