What would be your "6A"?

Lets get a little creative here. Say you were the most famous yoyoer ever, and you were able to make up a 6A for everyone to know about. What would your 6A be? Would there be any props that you would NEED to do the style, such as a pencil or a hat? Any particular or special rule? Have fun. =D

3a plus counterweights or offspring 3a

Two yoyos connected to the same string.

5A allows for multiple yoyos to be used. I think this may be called 10A(5A+5A)

offstring 3A is soloham.

That’s called Hydra or Cherry or Asquared depending on the exact variant. Hydra is 2 strings joined in the middle with a knot, yoyo at the other ends(normal). Cherry uses a CW or other item in the center(hence, the cherry term( for the joining the strings. Asquared is typically using hubstacked yoyos for pull starting.

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1 yoyo 2 strings. This will offer many new tricks that can be learned and will be an easy way to get into 3a

Nice guys. All creative and interesting. Let’s hear some more cool ones. And yeah, the one yoyo with two strings would be AWESOME.

Someone posted videos earlier this year with 1 yoyo and 2 strings. I think he called it 11a.

I want to try this. How would you throw them?

that’s called double dragon. I’m pretty Ky Zizan does that.

double dragon

5a+offstring, so offstring with counterweights. Would be cool :3

Double dragons offstring 3a countierweight looping möbius.

Wouldn’t mind it being this


Ky Zizan already did it

We’ll that would be scary

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I saw that at Nationals. Personal opinion, but to me, that was a very uncomfortable and awkward style of play.

I think looping offstring is impossible, then when you add double dragon…

Off string with two throws and two strings

2 counterweight yoyos.