A new style i thought of based off dd

So how does this sound: two yoyos set up as in double dragon, but either one of the following two things: both strings on each yoyo are attached to your thumb and middle finger, or both strings on either both the middle string and thumb depending on the yoyo (but that would have problems in that the strings would get tangled up)?

Man, that would be incredibly hard doing DD with two yoyos. But if you could do it, that would be amazing!

Yeah sounds cool and hard. I was thinking of 2 yo-yos both on the same string, like at either end of the string

i’ve thought of that before but it would need a special string… i’ve thought of a trick in this new style in the original post where one yoyo goes through the two strings on the other hand

just attach the two yoyo strings at the slipknots:)


what do you mean? can you go more into detail… remember there are 2 yoyos and 4 strings

I was dismissing the 4 strings and just suggesting to try connecting two single-strung yoyos at the slip knots. :wink:

I think that’s called Hydra.

Edit: Or Asquared or Cheery.

Ive done this before, it just feels like a slightly different 3a and IMO is no fun.

You guys are thinking of some really crazy ideas! But, it would definitely be really cool of these ideas could be pulled off. :slight_smile:

that’s because it’s undoubtedly crazy hard btw, does anyone know how to make this a poll?

I’m pretty sure it’s under the modify post part of the thread.

you mean the pencilish thing in the middle right spot? I tried clicking on that but it’s “loading” for a while

I think i’m going to try it today ::slight_smile:

Made up a mount to show you. I was a little impatient so i didn’t get the trick right but i showed you a mount i think i’ll base most of my tricks off of: http://youtu.be/NYIsHbxGM3U

Well…uh…keep working :-\


and what is that supposed to mean?

Man that looks like many a knot waiting to happen.

Credit to all you lads who like to venture into the mysterious and unknown, but I’m quite happy sticking with 1A myself. ;D

haha yes!!!