6A Idea

Ok, so my idea is to have two hubstack yoyoos atteched to eachother on one string, not your finger, and you ripstart them then kind of twirl the yoyos like tricked out batons…u guys think this is a cool idea?

It’s called hydra.

My source: http://www.yoyowiki.org/wiki/Styles_Of_Play

In general, unless someone’s ‘new style’ is really out there and also very viable, it’s been done before.

oh crap. I didn’t even know that existed cool!

Vary cool idea

Yhanks. I had NO idea it was already a style. not very popular though

45 seconds in.

Hydra, aka A squared.

I enjoy it, twice as hard as 1A, twice as easy as 3A.

Never tried it with hubstacks though.