crazy styles you wanna see

Title says it all 8)

I want to see horizontal 3A and some 15A (3Ax5A). Some hydra would be cool too.

two handed offstring… not sure how it would work but id like to see it

the horizontal 3a sounds really cool!

Horizontal 5a, Hydra, and 9a(Offstring with a Counterweight).

I don’t know how you will do horizontal 3A because it’s usually slow and calm. But horizontal 5A sounds cool and possible.

horizontal 3a moebius

There’s half horizontal 3a in the Collid3r video Around 1:36

two words: Takeshi. Matsuura.

what is Hydra?

Hydra and tourniquet. Can’t find any videos of each, at least not good ones. None of tourniquet.

What in tourniquet?

I just wanna see more tourniquet.

15A (3Ax5A)-done

two handed offstring-done


Jensen Kimmitt’s Just Chillin’ is a tourniquet video.

I’ve attempted counter-wait 2a. It ended in a broken bumble bee, but it was pretty interesting up until that point. Some crazy things happen when you let go of a string mid loop.

More freaking Moebius.


For god sakes…

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I do the first and last :wink:

The first is eassyyyyy

not for normal people like me.

and me.