Never seen a video of it before, so I made one myself!!!

(BaileyT) #1

My fail attempt at hydra.


Cool man. That was pretty sweet. Your face after the ninja vanish was epic. ( :o) haha


No it’s ninja vanish, anyway awsome! I bet you can do 3a

(BaileyT) #4

I can do some 3a but Im not really that good at it :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha my bad. Got that changed. Thanks

(BaileyT) #6

Does anyone else do Hydra? If so please post a vid,Id like to learn some more tricks.

(BaileyT) #7

Anyone at all? ???

(Mitch) #8

What exactly is hydra?

(BaileyT) #9

Where there is one yoyo on each end of one string.
A quote from
’ Hydra
Two yo-yos are attached at opposite ends of a single string.
The single string is modified so there is a normal loop at both ends instead of a loop at one and a slipknot at the other.’


Here’s a video of John Huber


That was pretty neat!

I’ve done a bit of both hydra and 3A, but neither seriously (though I like 3A).