New style of play

What do you guys think would happen if someone started a new style of play with two strings? ???

Just tried it.

I started it. BOOM.


Two strings on one throw? How?

thanks for the idea now i have to try this, 9a (4a and 5a), and 8a (5a and 3a)

two counter weights…


Two strings around the yoyo, two strings on your finger. It doesn’t work. It just plays like REALLY thick string.

What about a style including 2a and 3a, where you would use responsive 1a yoyos to loop while doing 3a too.

I believe it’s been done already.

I thought so

what if you throw with both strings on one finger and then transition one of the strings on to your non throw hand finger

Just tried it. A lot of work, not very fun.

gyros would be super easy. Just pull on both strings.

I don’t know about you, but I’m 6’4" and my arms aren’t that long with a full string.

how about having one string unwinded and just putting it on after throwing?

I tried it with one string on each hand way back in March. It doesn’t work very well. It is kind of fun to start the yoyo if you wind it right.

One day when I was bored I tried that idea it was really hard to even get the Yoyo to sleep and I got string burn easy not fun

's been done.

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It’s been done long long ago. Two counterweights? Rei Iwakura even did it in the AP division at Worlds years ago.

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off string with 1 yoyo and 2 strings; one on each finger!


There is Dualstring as well. 1a yoyo in one hand and secondary string on the other either tied to the finger and or hold with a counterweight.

Some legit stuff, but rare.