Yes, i know there is no 6A but if there was what would it be? ??? If you have any ideas post them!!

-My only idea would be Offstring Counterwieght-

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #2

Maybe we can do it off of Doc Pop’s Washing Machine Trick. Like Do combo tricks with 1A and then 4A. I like your idea better Oh wait maybe it would be 2A counterweight or 3A counterweight. So both yo-yo’s have counterweights. :-\I don’t know but I’ll think of ideas! Catch ya later.

(XDuctTape_LoverX) #3

Ooh. I know, 6A would be just like 2A but with counterweights then 7A would be like 3A but with counterweights. 8A is your idea, offstring with counterweight.


Nice idea! :smiley:


3 yo-yo: One in each hand, and one attached to your belt.

6A is a dangerous style!


1a + 4a, 2 yoyos, one onstring, one off, one string. :smiley:


[quote] My only idea would be Offstring Counterwieght-
Dude i have done that before. i had the same idea and I made a trick with it too. i basically put 360 and a suicide together. but ya could make some more up.


They have offstring counterweight. It is called Combined Aerial.


I have heard of Offstring Counterweight as 9A. Which title is official? ???

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6a should be 3a + 3a. 2 yoyos on each hand! One yoyo around each middle finger and each pointer finger!!!