June 5th's Adventure's in Throwing

Nothing terribly exciting today.

I bought a diabolo at BAC. I got a Spintop at BAC from YYE as well, via prior arrangements. It’s a Sophia, I’m scared to throw it! I’ll just keep at my Bearing Kings instead for a bit. I must thank theroybit for getting me into spintops. I also saw some diabolo videos and wanted to get into that as well. Thanks to BAC for having a diabolo performer there, who not only answered my questions, but also sold me a diabolo and metal sticks. I was looking to buy one at BAC, and everything happened just right! I’m also interested in learning to do a basic 3 ball cascade juggle.

Today, a Magic YoYo N6 and N8 arrived. The N8 is very small. The N6 is a very interesting H shape. Most who follow me know I prefer full sized stuff but I’ve been on a current undersized trend. A T8 and an N5 should be arriving soon as well.

My wife is starting to throw. I put out my Speed Dial, and she’s drawn to it and throws it a few times. She can do rock the baby and walk the dog, so she’s quite pleased with her modest progress which is actually really good when you consider the lack of time she’s spent on this.

Now, onto the diabolo. Everyone is trying to play it. My wife can get it spinning. My two eldest can definitely get it spinning. I won’t let them do throws yet because they are doing stuff indoors. My boy, the one who impressed Joseph Harris, is doing suns and stuff like that. I’m pretty much trying to NOT teach him too much mostly to keep his mind a bit free from conventional ideas. I figure let him explore and great his own tricks, be it diabolo or yoyo. Front yard is OK, but they need supervision, so no front yard stuff yet. The next one, at 3, can get it spinning and that’s about it.

The 1 year old is the problem. She’s figured out that the diabolo goes with sticks and the cord. This morning, she grabbed the diabolo but was screaming because she did not have the sticks. All she does is loop the diabolo and then effectively “take it for a walk”. I think her main desire is to prevent anyone else from using it. I do grow tired of the constant yelling and screaming. Everone wants their own diabolo. I’m making my 2 eldest reach some yoyo goals and diabolo goals before I get them their own. The eldest’s interests come and go, the boy’s interest seems to stick on things. I don’t want to waste money on these if they are going to lose interest rapidly. Diabolos cost more to get into than yoyo(well, depending on how you start in yoyo). My initial investment with a Henry’s Vision and Henry’s metal sticks costs me $40, and if I go online to buy the same stuff, with shipping, the bundle will cost me around $50. I know I need to buy more cord soon already!

The same boy I talked about earlier, has gotten a Freakhand so he can try 5A. I’m trying to get him to do the side bind but he just wants to fight this one. He also got a Fiesta XX at BAC. He’s thrown it a lot, landed it a few times, but can’t bind it back yet. He’s not quite into looping yet. But at 5.5 years old, he might end up being a serious threat if he really takes to this sport.

My progress is moving along. Over the weekend, I went to a YoLex meet. I got Buddha’s Revenge down. Trapeze and Bro to Ninja Vanish is getting better and better. McBride’s Roller Coaster is ALMOST second nature now. I’ve skipped a few tricks. I am going to try to master wormhole tonight. I am going to need help on Eli Hops and Kwijibo, so good thing I hold and attend meets. I am either taking opportunities or making opportunities. Sometimes videos alone are not enough to help move things along. They do help though.

National YoYo Day is tomorrow, June 6, 2012. Last year, I placed my first yoyo order here, which I can’t talk about in order to ensure a surprise element is maintainted in case someone is reading stuff here. This year, I am placing another order. I started this on May 11, 2011. My progress hasn’t been amazing, but it’s been decent. I’m quite pleased with my progress. I’m really enjoying this.

Gotta do you makes you happy. I got back into yoyoing like 5 months ago after like 12 years. I’m 26 now and love it more them when I was younger. Also you just made me realize that my son was born on national yoyo day. He will be 1 year tomorrow.

It’s great to hear that you’ve been having so much fun YoYoing. :slight_smile: Let’s hope you have another great year of it ahead of you. :slight_smile:

The way I got Eli Hops to click was via Matrix, a trick most people seem to pick up readily. The motion is very similar to the first bit where you move from trapeze to double or nothing, using the string to “throw” the yoyo. I modified that motion to do a horizontal eli hop with the string close to vertical. Maybe that has a name. Either way, this is much easier to hit, partially because you can see the yoyo and the string you’re landing on at the same time. Once you can do a few of those, just starting moving the landing string closer and closer to horizontal.

I need to get back to my diabolo. I have a Duncan Phoenix, which features the ability to switch from the 1-way bearing to fixed. It’s taken a beating and it’s hanging in there pretty good. I can do the ‘sun’ maneuvers and low tosses…also can do the cat’s cradle and stick grinds. Is your diabolo a fixed axle or bearing?

Sounds like you have your National Yoyo Day all cut out for you!

Heck, national YoYo day is a lite day compared to most days.

The Henry’s Vizion Diabolo I got is a fixed axle. Once I get better, I’ll explore a model that I can mod. I’ve seen one that has weight rings, lights and various axles. I’m not going to worry about a new diabolo for a while. Yoyo will be my main focus. It’s just nice to have options to break stuff up.

Next meet-up, I’m definitely bringing my diabolo out.

So what events are planned and are any yoyo stores having any sales?