Misadventures in YoYo, past few days wrap-up

Starting with a post a couple of weeks ago, my wife hit my son in the head with a ProZ for not using the slipknot. She’d since been using my Speed Dial on a hit or miss basis. I ordered her a Pink DM2. It was received on June 15th, our 10th wedding anniversary. She loves it!!

I’m so relieved. She stole away virtually all my free time to run out and get a small case for the Speed Bearing and extra strings. I got the same boxes for 2 of kids(2 eldest) for their small yoyo parts as well. My daughter has already lost he Speed Bearing from her Legacy II and now the spare tips to her spintop as well.

Anyhow, my son, the 5.5 year old, has been improving. He can side bind now, but of course, still needs practice. After he can get that down, it’s time to learn mounts. I think once he’s got that down, he’ll start making up more of his own stuff for a bit, before wanting to go back to learning established tricks. It’s been hard trying to get him to focus. At his age, it comes as no surprise. I’m getting him a metal yoyo, a Magic T6, mostly due to price and his age. I was having him go through my collection with direction. He tried my dv888, Campfire, Wooly Marmot, Gnarwal, Dietz, Markmont Next and DiBase, and all I can get for him is “smooth”. Clearly he can feel the difference between those had his Protostar. The problem is he is drawn to my Albatross. He’s played a lot of my pricy metal throws, and he’s kinda settled on the Albatross as a favorite, which he AIN’T getting, at least not at this age. This one is gonna be hurting my bank account! He also wants a diabolo, and he’s marching towards my requirements for getting one. The problem here is I haven’t determined the requirements yet, mostly because I’m still learning it. In the meantime, when he gets bored, he grabs his Freakhand set up for 5A(it’s marketed and sold as a 5A yoyo) and his Fiesta XX.

I think my 8 year old daughter is done. She got a Chaser at BAC, hasn’t touched it since. Doesn’t want to throw, doesn’t want to move forward. Doesn’t play with her spintop she begged me for. Doesn’t play with her Kendama she begged me for. She prefers her Legacy II over her ONE, but doesn’t play either. Wanted and got a Starlight, can’t play it, and won’t play it since she can’t bind. She hasn’t thrown at all in 2 weeks and when she does she makes too much of a scene over it, at her own provocation. She also wants a diabolo, but isn’t willing to earn it. She wants another yoyo, but in this case, coupled with not wanting to earn it, she wants stuff that is unresponsive, and she doesn’t want to learn to bind and I ain’t gonna glop it up with thick lube to suit her. She has a thin bearing in her ONE, Legacy II and Chaser, so she’s set. She also has a Shinwoo Loop and a Duncan Pulse, so she’s set up quite well

For myself, a few new items arrived. My Yogo Arctic Circle was delayed at my request to coincide with the National YoYoDay sale, which is when I got the DM2 for my wife, and a stackless Grind Machine for myself. I bought up the last item from HSYY, an Ocean mist(is that the colorway?) Code2, and put in that the recently received disc side effects, which I really like in there. I have a Zombie Thunderstorm Code2 that I am keeping the spikes in. As YYE dropped the Sky Walkers, I had luck on my side again and managed to score a White Knight, which was not only cheaper, but he colorway I wanted of the two available. This is a contrast to the Arctic Circle, where I wanted the Copper because I liked the looks, but ended up with a Yogo, which reminds me of root beer. Also arriving this past week was a Toxic Strings HazMat, that I call “Black Death” since it’s two black halves. Finally, much over-shadowed by the Sky Walker’s arrival is the Magic T8 arriving at the same time. I’ve already loaned out the Sky Walker to theroybit, which I should get back sometime next week. My Chief is coming back from NVision Productions, along with a Breaking Dawn Code2 for theroybit.

As far as my progress:
McBride’s Roller Coaster is making progress as that World Tour to 1.5 mount is coming together.
Buddha’s Revenge is having backwards progress as I keep popping out when trying to get back into the 1.5 mount. That’s OK, I see the error, I can fix it through practice.
Eli Hops, well, this is gonna be a challenge. I like challenges. But this is gonna be really hard. Oh well. That’s part of the fun!

I have my meet scheduled for Sunday, Father’s day. I have a feeling turn-out is gonna be me and my kid. I know theroybit can’t make it, he already told me. That’s fine. Next weekend, events scheduled so no meet, and theroybit can’t fill in for me as he won’t be around either. That’s OK.

Hooray! You’ve finally converted your wife! (This might help you convince her to let you go to worlds!) :slight_smile:

how old are you studio 42, if you dont mind me asking.


I’m 40.

Yay! I missed these posts! I LOVE finding out what your family does in their free time ;D. Your son seems to be a fast learner and stylish! Wanting an Albatross and all. Good luck on convincing your wife to let you go to worlds! I think giving her a pink DM should help.

Binding at less than 6 years of age?! I think we got a future champ here!

The thought has crossed my mind. He’s into anything yoyo, and is interested in nearly all my skill toys. He likes to entertain with his small amount of yoyo skills. He’s headed in the right direction.

Today, my adventures were limited, but successful. My day was wrecked shortly after it started, through faults entirely my own. I rendered a video file wrong, so I had to redo it, and that took 6 hours. Then my wife had to head out of town with relatives, which I won’t go into all that sort of thig. So, that gave me plenty of time to work on tricks. Wormhole: can do it, need to do it better. Eli Hops: wow, I am doing it! Not a full “hand to hand” yet, but 50% to 75% I’m not satisifed with either yet, need to try on different yoyos, but hey, progress. I mean, getting 4 tricks able to be done in the past month, for me, that’s a major break through! I’m super pleased. I still need to smooth out those tricks, but that gives me something to do as I drag in yet another trick from the trick list.

Overall, a good day. Since I as indoors, no 4A practice or diabolo. Didn’t work on 2A today either, which usually consists of me working on dominant hand looping. I don’t throw yet with my non-dominant hand yet.

Hey Studio, I’m sure you’ve thought of his, but first get Eli Hops down on a bigger and/or wider throw. Then perfect on something small like a POPstar, or if you’re feeling courageous, your mighty flea! :slight_smile:

Your daughter doesn’t seem very interested in yoyoing. Does she play other skill toys in her free time?


Good story!

She’s got a major attitude problem in general. The amount of time she chooses to spend with an attitude trip is only exceeded by her mother, my wife, doing the same thing but on something else.

I mean, she wants in on the yoyo thing, loses interest, comes back, loses interest again.

theroybit shows her spin tops, she wants one, gets ones, won’t use it now.

At BAC, wanted a Chaser and a Pulse. Got both, won’t use either.

Demanded a Kendama, got one, won’t use it.

Oh well. She reads. Good enough.

I’m already thinking in that direction.

DM2, then refine with say a Code 1, Code 2 or Phenom.
Then really dial it in with say, my XCon Pro or a Gnarwal.
Then when I’m feeling confident, switch to the Aoda Littles.

The Mighty Flea will have to wait a bit! I can throw it, bind it, even land a trapeze. I just haven’t put the time into this one yet.

Eli Hops are getting better day by day. Adding Boomerang as well now. I can’t focus on just one trick or I get bored. Gotta break it up. Plus, this prevents me from locking into a mode where I’m just doing something. You know how you can drill something, but then when you mix it into something else, you kind get hosed up a bit? That’s what I’m trying to avoid.