spin top?

ok, so my mom wants me to do something other than yoyoing. i suggested spin top but she says its to much like a yoyo. is it? if not how do i convince her

I am assuming your mother wants something in the skill toy/object manipulation realm, and she is not considering knitting or bird watching :wink: If she wants instant gratification, a diabolo is probably the way to go. If she wants something artsy, but more challenging, she may want to consider contact juggling. But if she is the one who takes you to Worlds or Nats and she wants to hang out over there with a cool crowd that has a significant number of people her own age, spintops is the way to go :smiley: Besides, there are several other activities surrounding spintops, like collecting and turning.

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You might try having your mom review the information on the spin top history page at:


and/or perhaps the diversity of tops around the world might interest her at:

For the lovers of Spinning tops

Another good thing to look into is cubing. Its nothing like a yoyo, but still very fun. Not as expensive as yoyoing either. Just something to consider.

Sorry, when I first read your question I thought that your mom was the one who was looking for something new to do :-[ :smiley: Anyway, I think there is good advise there. Perhaps you can start wood work, eventually get a lathe and start making tops :smiley: I suspect what she really wants you to do is to take something that makes you ran and exercise (I am a dad and know about that). A unicycle will give you plenty of exercise. And eventually you can do like Higby and yo-yo while you unicycle :wink: . But I will first fight for tops. Show her the flickr spintop photo group. The variety around the world is amazing.

uummm cubing?

rubix cubes

thats horrible dont listen to your mom. she should want you to do what YOU want to do.

I totally agree. What are you guys thinking helping this person’s mother get him out of yo-yoing?
If it is exercise that your mother is after - then exercise. No reason you can’t do both. I do.

tell her that it is you thing and it is something that makes you happy

no, no, no. she wants me to stick with yoing but also get me to do something else and not yoyo all the time

chess? put your mind to some more work? jensens idol is some famous chess master.

Try Astrojax if you want to stay with something connected to string, or contact juggling or poi. Poi is an excellent route to go to really get in line with your body movements and fine tuning and what not. Or, check out sporthocker or hockern… It’s pretty much extreme sitting. :slight_smile: