My ventures into spin tops

No video. That’s how I roll. Spin. Whatever.

Been frustrated with the Duncan Bearing King. Why? String too short. Yeah, that makes a bit difference. So, I’m a spin top noob throwing a Sophia. Andre sold this magnificent bit of spinning sculpture at BAC, and I’ve been afraid to throw it.

I ordered a Trompo Grande, Trombo Bearing and Gladiator. Affordable stuff.

I also have 2 BK’s, one set fixed tip, one bearing tip.

Nothing was working for me, so I went to the Sophia. The past 2 days I haven’t touched a yoyo. Where am I? Well, I’m down to my throw being really nice and landing it on a low pile area carpet and it being fairly straight most of the time. I’m now working on the scoop, which is coming together. After scoop comes getting it straight on my hand, which is what I’m working on now.

Skill toy stuff comes tough to me. Yoyo ain’t easy. Spin tops are very difficult. I’m quite pleased with my modest progress. Like with yoyo, you get out of it what you put into it. It’s rewarding in a different way.

Anyhow, taking a break for a progress report. I’m going to see if by the end of Wednesday I can finally correct my behavior so I can move my hand in the direction the tip is pointing. I’d like to see if I can get the tip spinning for 5 seconds in my hand more or less straight up.

I’m also taking a trip next week. I want to take a top with me as yet another skill toy to work on. I’m bringing stuff for 1A, a 2A pair, 4A yoyos, 5A stuff, kendama and now perhaps a top or two. Yes, I have loads of string suitable for my various interests. That should give me enough to keep me from getting bored while I’m in a foreign land.

No, I’m not taking a diabolo. Too big!! That’s really the only reason.