What are yo spinning today?

A duncan ripcord. ;D. I also made up the review of the ripford if you want to know wat it is.

yoyo and bearing king

2 bearing kings 1 tromp grande bearing and General Yo Essence, All in my backpack and pockets :slight_smile:

And also a duncan imperail

Diet BK

first day throwing a top
Bearing king :smiley:

a ripcord into a bearing king

Half a supernova

I’m spinning plastic today… Golf discs that is, gotta tournament to attend today. After that I will be spinning a large wood top… on a lathe.

Diet RC today. I really should get in a couple more rounds of disc golf before it gets too cold…

30’s Duncan Tournament, M1.

Bearing King! It’s day three for me, and loving every minute. Haven’t touched a yoyo since Sunday. Gotta thank Joey Theisen for hooking me up.


I tried for a week with a bearing king and couldnt figure out how to throw it, could someone direct me to some articles or threads. maybe vids?

The string that comes with a bearing king is way, way too short.  Like 12" too short.  That might be the problem.  The string for a BK should be at least 64" long.  You should be able to find some string at a hardware store, just know that if the string is thinner than the stock string, you will need to size it longer.

Otherwise, scroll down to “Throw”


BK most of the day.

Thank you so much, I think I was throwing correctly but i did have a feeling it was too short because when i threw it would start turning upright and fall on its side.

a strumlo8 ;D

Bearing king

S8 Giulia :slight_smile: Just got it yesterday.