So, now I have my Bearing King...


And now I tape it, learn to catch it in the hand, then balance it?


Yeah, pretty much…
That’s how most people start. You may start by throwing it to the ground and picking it up first, to get the feel for things.


Okay… What’s the best website?


this is the best website. start with the sticky above,
Getting Started With Spin Tops.


Is there supposed to be a knot here?


I learned throw and catch it on my hand first(boomerang?), I still can’t throw it onto the ground very well. lol Also yes there is suposed to be a knot, it keeps the spintop button on the string. knot both ends.


Aren’t I cool?


Do I need longer string? It seems so short… Also, should I clean my bearing or something?


Clean both bearings if you want, the are a little greasy out of the package (if you don’t see two bearings when you take the tip out, contact Duncan). The string is most likely too short. It is possible to spin the top with this string, but it teaches you bad habits throwing with a string so short. I make string by the way.
Please keep posting, all the questions help remind me what it is like when you start out.


What length? I found this one place that said to buy some Multi-purpose twine, twisted cotton #24, and use it at 66 inches. I also remember reading a post about all the lengths of string for tops, but I have been unable to find it again.


Wow, I just noticed this is the wrong picture. I guess it copied wrong. It was meant to be a picture of a properly wound spintop.


Oooh , there’s that post. 64 inch thicker string. Yeah.


Hey watch this, at 3:15 I explain string length in a way that is much easier to show on video than to type :slight_smile:


Where can i get longer string?


From me ;D




Also, does spintop string have to be cotton? Would, like, poly or nylon rope work?


poly and nylon strings to not work well, the wind slips out very easy.