Can't throw straight

I have read everything I could find, but I can’t figure out how to throw my spin top straight. I have a Spintastics Trompo Bearing. I have tried everything that I have seen, but I still can’t get it for some reason. The tip angles either toward or behind me when I throw it. Thanks for any help!

How long is your string? Pull about 4" of string through the button, then tie a new not (don’t cut it off until you are certain you like it) and see what happens. If it is better, but not quite there, try two more inches. If the string is too short, the top will be pointed away from you after you throw it. Lemme know if this helps.

Thank you so much for your help! The string shortening worked! ;D I had been trying for a long time, I can’t believe that fixing the problem was that simple.