need help with spin top.

hey guys i wind it up right and then hold it upside down but when i throw it it lands on it’s side.

Lots of things can screw up a throw, let’s start with the string - it might be too short or too long. If it is too short, the tip ends up is pointed away from you, if it is too long, the tip ends up pointing towards you.

What top are you throwing, and how long is the string?
I assume you are just trying to throw to the ground, not a boomerang, right?
What did you eat for breakfast? Do your socks match?

well i got a bearing trompo or somthin like that from this website and the string is stock so um i don’t know.

How did you hold the top before to throw it? did you hold it right? i mean the axe from the tip Perpendicular to the floor? or a bit moved?

try to throw it with the tip perfectly perpendicular to the floor… if it’s not that, Neff idéa is the good one…

The stock string for Spintastics’ Trompo Bearing or Trompo Grande should be 66" long, 5’-6". If your string is that long, and the top is coming off sideways, that tells me you need to fix your throw. I need to know which way the tip is pointing when it first hits the ground - same way as your feet or opposite? Also, where is it landing? If you are right handed, it should be landing 2-3 feet to your left side.

Common mistakes:
If you feel the wind slipping, your button is above the wind when you let go.
Don’t drop it or throw it straight down.
Don’t throw it hard.
DO NOT snap your elbow or wrist. Lock your arm, and do a robot-like slap with your whole arm pivoting at your shoulder, and again, take it easy.
Don’t get funky with how you hold the top. Hold it like this:

COuldn’t say betetr… this advice is perfect…

I’m have’n all of these problems w/ my (as of today) new RipCord. I’m going to have to keep this all in mind. My first throw ever with a top was today and I landed that…but that was it :smiley:

Success!!! Remember to keep the throw slow and don’t do anything fancy with your elbow or wrist.

I’m still not doing so well w/ landing it on my hand but I’m have’n a blast trying. ;D

when i land it on my hand it tips over and falls off.
how do i make it straight?

(copied from the getting started with spin tops sticky)

If you were balancing a baseball bat upright in your hand, you would move your hand in the direction it is leaning to balance it. For a top, do the opposite. Move your hand in the direction the tip is pointing, which is the opposite of the way it is leaning. Since the top precesses (leans in a circular motion), the ideal corrective movement is somewhat circular, but for now, pick one direction to wait for and move it then… like wait for the tip to be pointed the same direction your thumb is and then move your hand in the direction of your thumb.

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thank you that helped alot.

im sorry this picture makes me worse? any help?

describe what is happening pls