help please

ok i have a few questions i got my first spin top today 1: is the string sopposed to be taller than me? 2: do you have to catch the top with a flat hand? 3: my top keeps going sideways can anyone help? im left handed btw and for all of u who can do this i give you props

Congrats! To better assist you, we need to know what kind of top it is?

trompo grande bearing

I had similar problems with the Trompo Grande Bearing.
The String lengths vary, I have one 69 inches and another 71 inches which came with the tops.
At first I could only throw and land a boomerang by having the tip point back towards my hand more than vertical.

Chris Neff (yophosis) then gave me the most wonderful hints which cured my difficulty. ;D
The two things he recommended:

  1. Turn your palm toward the ground a little as you release.
  2. Don’t put the point in the web of your hand, it only confuses matters.
    Always hold the top like this:

Note that the button is LOWER than the wound string.
That is Chris’s photo by the way.

Thanks!!! that helped a ton just doing those i caught it 6 time in a row :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


i hold my grande more towards inside my palm. is this bad? fixed tip. i can catch it every time, switch hands… what should the next top i get (with bearing?) and should i change my hold for any reason? the tip isnt in my hand but its sort of close (half an inch). thanks guys!

yea that pic hold sucks for me. whatever works for you.