I feel like I've tried everything and it still lands sideways.

Hello, I registered today after two weeks of complete failure in hopes that I could figure out my top.

I bought a Duncan Ripcord to start, and had zero success getting it to land correctly and eventually chipped the bottom of the crown. I fixed it up with some e6000 glue and it seems to work fine with the ripcord thing, but not with the string. I’ve watched hours of videos on youtube, mostly in Spanish, on how to throw a “trompo” and I feel like I’ve tried every way to wrap and hold the top I can think of with basically the same result. sometimes it even lands completely upside down, but never on the tip.

I thought the Duncan might be the issue, so I bought a few Mexican Trompo tops from Amazon. I figured that a majority of the videos I saw online were kids playing with these cheap tops, so maybe they’re easier. Not the case for me unfortunately. They all land on the side.

Here’s what I’ve done to try and fix it. I read the starter post and tried to keep the tip up and my throws accurate to read the tip and see if the string is too long or not. It’s a little spastic, but it seemed like the string is too long because the tip points behind me most of the time. After several slip knots in the string behind the button, it still seems to land with the tip behind me and I’m running out of string.

That the heck am I doing wrong? ???

Too short string… I can’t throw a ripcord with the string it’s comes with :frowning:
Maybe try a overhand throw ( from over your head toward the ground ) so that the top only has 45 degree to rotate…
String length is the biggest problem with beginning to throw tops…

If you redo an order here, the shortcircuit top is easier and better to throw and use. If you want, a better top would be a trompo grande ( yoyosam have them OR you can contact dale @ spintastic directly and he’ll hook you up )

For your ripcord, you need at least a 64 inch string if not 68… I honestly don’t like them so mine is in a box and I havent thrown it in a while :frowning:

Keep at it!

The issue is as paxl13 said, one of string length.

With the string you have, start with the top less than vertical when you throw. Maybe try it horizontal even. Point the tip out, not in.

You can buy cotton string from a hardware store. Strings are different thicknesses, but try to get one close to the same as what came with the Ripcord. Make sure it’s 100% cotton.

The variable to worry about, though, is how far the string goes up the barrel. If you buy some new string, start with it long enough to go a little over 1/2 way up the barrel. slowly shorten it with knots behind the button until it throws right with the top starting out upside down. Then cut off the excess.

With tops that have a cap, I always take electrical tape, and reinforce the seam where they join.

All of my advice assumes you’re right handed. I think it’s the same for left? However, that reminds me that you need to make sure your wrapping the top in the correct direction. Holding the top in your non-throw hand, you should be wrapping the string over the top, and away from your body.

Is that the string is too short, or too long??

I planned on picking up some string to test this out with, but I’m really confused on the length. I’ll start at 68 inches and work back I guess, but from what I read in the into post it seemed like my string might be too long.

Thanks for the starting point though, hopefully this works!

Alright, I’m still not %100 sure what the issue is, whether the string is too long or too short, but I have consistent throws now! I’ve been pointing the tip towards my body before I throw it now and I’m able to land 8/10 throws pretty good. Wobbly, sure, but so much better than landing on it’s side.

I’ll buy some string this week and try to get it to land correct without turning the top in my hand, but I’m ecstatic that it’s starting to come together.

Thank you for the tips!