Issues with my Throw

I’m sure many of you have seen my last post, and know I recently bought a cheap spin top from the grocery store.

Anyway, that top didn’t come with a button, so I tied a loop at the end of the string and put it on my hand like a yoyo. That worked fine and I was getting pretty good with it. A few minutes ago I figured I should see what it’s like to throw it with some kind of a button.

Long story short, I put a Duncan Dice on the end of the string and tried throwing it with that. The top always lands upside down. I’m not sure if it’s not flipping over, or if it’s flipping too much and doing a complete 360, but I’d really like help on this.


If you have shortened the string by tying it on the dice there is now not enough string for it to throw right. If the string is too short, it will over-rotate and come out sideways or upside down even. To know for sure though, we need to know if you are throwing the top correctly in the first place… is the tip up when you throw?

The reason to use the button is because if it is attached to your finger while you wind, the string becomes very twisted, so it’s just easier to use a button. Make one out of a water bottle lid or something, and try to restore the string to its original length. You don’t want heavy buttons like dice, because the weight pulls it away from your fingers while playing. No es bueno when you’re just getting started.