my throws land sideways

when i throw the top falls on its left or right side

what kind of top?
how long is the string?
how are you holding / releasing the top?
what kind of shoes are you wearing?

It’s an old sir duncan spin top
Looks like ripcord without line on top
Strings about 4 6
Hold with tips of fingers try to throw as vertical as possible
I’m wearing black and red reezigs ;D

Well, the shoes aren’t the problem, so we’ve made progress!
Sir Duncans and Imperials are really light and easy to overpower, so make sure you are throwing slow and not doing anything interesting with your elbow. All shoulder. No wrist. Or elbow.
46 inches sounds really short. You got any other string? 54-58 inches would be better. You can get halfway descent string at Menards:

I’ve seen it at grocery stores also…

In the meantime, try holding the tip pointed out away from you when you throw.