Duncan Beginners Top

I just bought a fixed tip, solid wood spin top that says “Duncan Beginners” on the top. What kind of string and what length would you guess to use? How far up should it be wound? It’s pictured next to a Bearing King for comparison.

If you have any fun facts, other tips, or random comments about it, feel free to post!


I think that beginner’s top is kinda on the “vintage” side of things. However, vintage doesn’t necessarily equate to anything negative. They just don’t make stuff like they used it, eh?

You can just use your existing string on the other top. It should be fine. I am learning that string length to individual height isn’t as critical to spin tops unless you’re way too long or way too short. It seems the more string you can wrap on there can give you more spin time and faster spin.

You can fish around for the best length that works for you by sliding the button down on the string you use for your BK and putting a temporary knot behind it. You can use your BK string or a slightly thinner string, like the one that comes with a Dunan Imperial top.

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For a tip-up throw, the string should wind up to the grove closest to the crown. Solid tops need longer string because their center of gravity is higher. 60" should do it. True you can compensate for short or long string, but to me even a couple of inches too long or too short is kind of annoying.

Cool top, nice score

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