Spin top landing sideways

I have a Duncan ripcord that I’ve been playing with the last few weeks. Able to do boomerang, and a few other things.

I ordered a Spintastics Trompo Grande, and every time I throw it it lands on its side with the tip facing right. I am a left handed thrower, but I don’t have these issues with my smaller tops.

What do I need to adjust/fix?

i don’t have the trompo grande but i do have a spintastics blizzard and i have played with the ripcord. The spintastic spintops play very differently then the duncans for some reason you have to be more precise with the spintastics then with the duncans work at it and you’ll land it. the trick is to get lower and through the spin top more at an angle then you would with the duncans. Also try taking a frisbee and landing the spintop in the frisbee because you’ll need a better aim with the spintatics.


From what you describe, I can say with confidence that your string is too long. If you are left handed and when the string released the tip is pointed right, or toward you, the string is too long, if it is pointed left, or away from you, it is too short.

The Spintastics and Duncans will throw very similar if the strings are the appropriate length. Duncan strings are usually short, Spintastics strings are usually long. Long is of course better because you can always shorten the string but it is hard to add to a string. Tie a knot 2-3 inches from the end on the button side and test it before you commit to cutting it off. You can also adjust the angle of the release as alecto suggests. In this instance you would want to release with your palm pointed at the floor, or simply rotate the top in your grip to be pointed more toward the web between your thumb and forefinger, this should help.

Please post again with any problems you are having!

Looks like 4 inches and it’s more or less spinning fine (a lot to get used to).

4 inches isn’t too much is it? (I haven’t cut it yet, only using the knot).

if it feels right, cut that off. otherwise you can wrap the excess around the button.