trouble with my trombo grande bearing

I’ve been having trouble with my top. I wind it up tightly but the string still seems to get stuck on the tip often. I thought about filing down the elbow on the tip but my cousin seems to throw it fine so it must be my technique? Throwing it almost side arm seems to help just a tiny bit. I throw my wooden top with plastic tip just fine. Help me please.

Correction. I have the hybrid quicksilver bearing

Is it wound around the crown tightly? Sounds like the end not attached to your hand is getting loose somehow.

I make sure the whole string is as tight as possible all around. Gerardo gave the same suggestion. Could it be my throw? Should I be throwing it differently compared to my wood top?

Solid wood tops can be thrown very hard, and with longer string, so it can feel completely different.
Try slowing your throw down and make sure you are pushing the top and then releasing at the end of your throw instead of trying to whip the string off the top.

How long is the string?

So muscle memory is probably affecting my throw huh? What do you mean push the top? My string is 58 inches from knot to button.

By “push the top” i mean don’t let go until the end of the throw, keep pushing it until the end of the throw. You may be doing this correctly already, but I’ve seen several people try to release the top DURING the throw, kind of like a yo-yo throw. Doesn’t work that way.

58" sounded really short to me, but I went and tied my string down to 58" on my QSH and it boomeranged fine. I keep most of my strings at 68".

Keep experimenting and stay smooth and you will get it. If you have time to post a video of your throw I / we may be able to spot what’s going wrong…

I will definitely post a video soon. I noticed (from standing for hours at a time) when I sat on my couch, I toss it perfectly smooth. Almost every time! I’m trying to replicate that while I stand. Could it be the angle at which I’m throwing it? When I sit, I’m throwing almost parallel to the ground. As if I’m not aiming for the ground but the top of a stool or something. I’ll work on a video.

Yes the angle is helping, but it is not the angle of the throw, it is the angle of your wrist. If you throw horizontally the tip will be more likely to be straight up, but the top will unwind 3 feet above the ground which is not good for floors or tips. If you are going for boomerang, this is ok, except the top is coming at you horizontally which make it harder to catch. You want the top to go up and come down, moving your hand down as you catch it. So, if the angle of your throw (arm) is down, adjust your wrist so the tip is up when you let go.

To get my Trompo Bearing straight up on a boomerang, I have to throw more horizontally than I’d like. To get more arc on the boomerang (throwing more downward), are you saying I can simply adjust the tilt or my wrist to get what I want? Which way for a right-handed throw?

Or would a longer string help? I’m using it stock (not sure the length). Any recommendation if I should adjust my throw or string length? Thanks.

I tried tilting the wrist/tip to the left and it works great. I throw high to low with a left tilt and get a nice, arced boomerang return with the Trompo Bearing straight up. Nice!

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Sounds like you’re gettin’ it!