skill toy

they should make a whole new forum section for just skill toys, not just kendama and spin tops because nobody really goes on skill toys

I think they should bust out “skill toys” out of spin tops and make it a category right on the main forum page. This will encourage more participation.

There’s plenty of skill toy discussion on there. It’s hit and miss at times. Sometimes it’s quite active. There’s a lot of people here who are into card flourishing, balisong, cubism, pen spinning and other stuff. YYE may be yoyo oriented, but they do carry spin tops and now kendama and they’ve shown they put their support behind what they sell by making areas on the forums for it.

I myself am interested in gyros, diabolo, simple 3-ball cascade juggling and maybe learning some basic “magic” and some card tricks.

I’m working hard on spin tops(slow progress) and my kendama interest is kind of low. Still, it’s nice to see stuff being made available to be discussed.

Yes. The skill toy discussion is more dead than yoyonation.

honestly, I’ve never understood why the skill toy section was a sub forum of spin tops. Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

No. I think YYE should post Kendama, the spin tops, then Skill Toys for the “everything else”.

I see your logic.