Request: Please for the love of god fix the Skilltoy Subforms

I imagine that I’m not alone when trying to navigate the confusing arrangement of subforums for NYYR skilltoys. The hierarchy is completely bonkers at the moment, with the skilltoy subform nested under Spintops, with Kendamas occupying their own board. At the moment, any posts under skilltoys highlights spintops, leading me to believe that there are new spintop posts when there are not. This is confusing and unnecessary.

Fixing these subforums to fit in a less confusing structure would greatly lend to the navigation of this board. Consider an overarching Skilltoy board, with subforms for Spintops, Kendamas, and Other.

Good Point, looking into it!

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We went ahead and moved Skill Toy Discussion into its own board with Skill Toy Reviews as a child board of that. Should work better - thanks for the feedback! ;D

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Cool, new setup.

Wonderful solution. Still keeps Kendamas and Spintops, products you sell, in their own prominent boards, while eliminating confusion. Thanks bunches.