"Looking For Help/Recommendation" Forum, Should it be moved? And other things.

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I think the “Looking for Help/Recommendation” forum should be it’s own seperate forum instead of being a subforum under the YoYo Reviews section.

It would be easier for people new to the site who are new and looking for help. It would also help stop cluttering up the General YoYo forum and make less work for the mods who have to repeatedly move threads.

ALSO- Stick it, Click it, Win it or whatever it’s called should probably be moved to the General YoYo Forum and be stickied there. It’s not as important to have it’s own section IMO. (Or at least be a subforum)

I think by doing this, the forum would be way more organized. Who agrees?


I agree with this, everytime I go to find the help/recommendation thread I can’t find it until I remember it’s under yoyo reviews which is confusing


I agree.


I agree with the “Looking for Help/ Recommendations” forum moving, but I think the “Stick It. Click It. Send It. Win!” forum should stay where it is. There is a new thread every month, so after a while, the General forum’s stickies will be quite packed if the forum moves there.


Yes - “Stick It. Click It. Send It. Win!” is a forum feature that needs to be in it’s own section.

“Looking for Help/ Recommendations” - My impression is that the purpose of this section is a bit misunderstood. It’s in the reviews section because it’s about “What yoyo should I get?”, rather than a “How do I do this (trick or whatever)” topic. In other words, it’s not a general help section, it looking for help in choosing a new yoyo.


I agree.
“Looking for Help/ Recommendations” is clearly a subset of reviews. Reviews are people reviewing, while those asking for help/recommendation are soliciting reviews. Granted, reviews are opinions and the contest posted will be done in a different manner, but the two categories are tied together.


I agree with moving it. But I think really the people to weigh in would be those who have looked for help and couldn’t find it. People looking for recommendations probably check the review section regardless though.

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If people think the section should be moved then they’re probably misunderstanding the point of it being there. As it’s a sub-forum of reviews, it should be assumed that it’s a place to ask questions that request elements of a review as an answer, (if that makes any sense… :P)

If somebody has a question about a trick they ask in the trick question. If they have a question about modding it goes in the mod question. If they have a question about which YoYo, bearing or string they should buy, that goes in the review section which could be thought of instead as a purchase advice section…

I hope that made sense - I had an idea in my head about what I meant but that might not have translated well from brain language into English. :stuck_out_tongue:


The general rule with this kind of thing is if the targeted user is having confusedface then there’s a usability issue.

Really the people we would want to hear from are new users that may or may not find it intuitive.

Those of us already familiar with the process and layout aren’t a clean user sample.

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Then perhaps we should change the title to be more clear, such as just “Looking For Recommendations.”


I appear to agree. Maybe split off, have looking for recommendations be a subsection of reviews being that overlaps, and have a section for ‘help with Yoyo problems’, except said in a way a normal person would put it.

Could fit well as a subsection of mod and maintenance as opposed to reviews.

But, maybe the best way to figure it out is have an independent post asking new users to post if they’re having trouble finding a particular section such as ‘looking for help’.

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Yes. That would be great. It would clear up some of the unnecessary things people post in that section.

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That was my thinking.


Still though there needs to be a place where people can ask questions unrelated to recommendations. Maybe a sub of maintenance would make sense.

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I made a post asking new people to post any confusions they may have had.

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My purpose for making the thread was to make it easier (to find) for people to get help without cluttering up the General YoYo board.


I think it’s a great idea you had. But I think it would also be good to hear from new people about their experience, so far we’ve all just been talking among ourselves, a group who knows how to navigate.

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I think people ask questions as needed w/o a special “i’m looking for help” section.
I think a special section would be redundant.
What purpose would the other relevant sections serve?
People should discuss things and ask relevant questions in the designated sections.
This is my personal view, not speaking as an admin on this.


But the “Yo-Yo Modification and Maintenance” thread pretty much answers all the “help” questions about yo-yos.


I can’t really give an objective answer.

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