Move the "Looking for help/Recommendations"


I think it would be much more useful if you bumped it up from a child board to a normal board (like General). Every day i see posts that belong in the looking for help section but new users won’t even bother looking for a help board. I also see mods moving posts every day to that board.

Make it more visible, maybe even more so than General. Stick all the good sticky posts in there and we can stop the clutter that is the general board.


No - it’s not a general help request forum as some people (mods included) mistakenly assume, it’s specifically related to what yoyo a guy should get. So being a subforum of Reviews is the proper place for it.

Look at the title:

Quite frankly, the title should be something like: Looking for Help/Recommendation on What Yoyo to Get


I agree with you on the proper name for that section.

I still feel visibility is an issue as well but at least you guys are listening to these suggestions.