Looking For Help/Recommendation Section


Okay, so we all get tired of seeing “What’s the best yoyo” or “___ vs ___” in the Generall Section, or really any other section other than the “Looking For Help/Recommendation” section, where it belongs. Now, I think one of the reasons we see so many of these posts in the wrong place is simply because the “Looking For Help/Recommendation” section isn’t advertised enough. Really, it’s in small sub-text under the “Review” section, making it harder for people to notice it, especially kids who are looking for help right away. So, maybe if it wasn’t a Child Board, and had its own section, it would see more use.

I think that maybe if it was its own section/was written in larger text, we would see a big decrease in these misplaced posts. I know that there is a forum redesign in the works, so do you think this could be one of the changes? It’s just a small issue, doesn’t detract from how awesome YYE is!


I think you could have people click a window stating what sort of messages are allowed or not allowed and it wouldn’t make a difference. I do feel the Help/Recommendation should be broken out of the Reviews section as those are not completely related.

Short of being able to drive to people’s houses and smack them with a 2X4 if they ask “which is best”, that will never end.

I think Help/Recommendation could have a change name. Maybe “Help/Recommendation for yoyo purchases” might be OK. I think a better name could help steer things a bit easier, in addition to it not being buried under “Reviews”.

Either way, the mods aren’t going to be going away any time soon and moving messages will always be a part of their job description.


Yeah, this would work too. It just needs some more emphasis.