Get rid of some of the boards!

Technically anything with a question mark should be fed to the child board titled “Looking for help/recommendation.” I don’t know what triggers the moderators to move threads such as these. There are dozens of “help” threads that remain in the general discussion. However the ones that get moved there/start there rarely get any response from anyone. Not really much help at all from what I can tell. I use the taptalk app on my phone and the “help/recommend” board isn’t even available.
Another example is this very board. It’s only been posted in 7 times in the last month.

yes this is true but this board is needed so YYE can know what they need to improve on. Also YYE has its own app if you cant get to some boards on tapatalk. Yuo know, you can always download YYE’s app they have.

Ummm, no, because if you read closely, it says:

Perhaps that section is mis-titled. Technically, every section could be considered a “help” section, since discussions often times revolve around people asking for help on how to do a trick or fix a yoyo.

However it doesn’t explain the fact that most of the threads there rarely are offered any help. Also since I use taptalk it’s impossible for me to even read the description that you offer.

Perhaps that’s the fault of the posters.

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I suppose this supports my original post a little. If the board is not useful is seems like it’s a waste. Maybe we need to create a board for all of the “Post your top # of whatever company” threads or “If money was no issue” threads to clear up space in the general discussion for the newbies to get help without their thread getting lost since not everyone can view it.
Thanks for the listen!

Maybe they should just be stickied once and for all. Idk really.