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Ok, I know people have been bashing mods for “not doing their job” but what about members? It seems to me that either no one reads the forum rules, OR no one leaves the “general yo-yo forum” to utilize the many other sections that are on this site. I understand if you know, the topic is of a questionable purpose, but all of these “____ or ____ or ____ What should I get??!?!?!!!?1111!!” topics CLEARLY need to go in the help/recommendation forum. What you people don’t get, I will never understand. Icthus, Andre, Jason, and Chris have better things to do than rearrange topics because you are too lazy/ignorant to do it. Instead of saying that the mods aren’t doing their jobs, complain that morons on these forums are running rampant making more problems than one person can manage to rectify. Instead of complaining, why not just post the topics in the correct sections? Why not instead of leaving an old BST up forever or changing the name of it to “Mods Plz Delete” do it yourself, the mods are here to do just that, MODERATE, not babysit. Meh this thread will end up getting buried and no doubt some of you will get on here and tell me to shut up but I guess it would just further my point, if you aren’t mature enough to use the forums properly, don’t post.

Just my thoughts, discuss, flame, troll, whatever…


Nice post.

Someone have to teach them the right thing to do anyway.

Thank you for that. A lot of people on this forum should grow up.

I thought you were going to say what not to post. LOL. We should have this thread.

“What yoyo should I get?” Unless you have stated your preference.
“How do I clean my bearing?” Unless it’s an unique problem not addressed by the sticky.
“What mods should I do to my …” Unless it’s a problem about a specific mod.
“How do I do boingy boing” SEARCH

I changed the topic title, Batryn you made a good point, the old wording was weird.

I think this post is technically in the wrong section. lol :smiley: One problem I have is the “Looking for Help/Recommendations” section is a “Junior Board”. I bet a lot of people don’t even see it’s there because it’s in such small print. Almost every time I get on this board I see “Topic Moved to Help/Recommendations”. A lot of people are looking for help on this forum (A LOT!!!) and sometimes theres great help (usually when its left in this General section by accident or whatever) and sometimes, like for me right now… there isn’t many replies. I posted in the help section because my wooly marmot is gripping and i don’t know why. Now my post is barely getting views or anything I have only had 1 reply. I think with the amount of people looking for help: that board should definitely NOT be a “junior board” annnd in SMALL print when literally like 1/3 of the posts in this General Section should be in there. When I first came to the board that little link slipped my eye for a long time. The only reason I learned about it was because I clicked on a post in General and it was moved. Moderators and members please tell me how you feel about that because I think if it was a “regular?” board and not “junior, small font, can easily miss it if you don’t know about it- board” it would work A LOT better, and hopefully more people will click it, and more people will help/post in the right section.

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Yes i was just about to make a thread for people putting things like “What yoyos are better” in the review section.Like seriously people just need to take the time to put it in the write section.And another thing.When people send you like 16 messages one right after another with each one saying like two words then your like what? And they still cant just type everything out they are just likehow about 15 bucks? and your like for what?That really grinds my gears.

You know what, you’re right, I totally second this, if we made the Help Recommendation board a parent board instead of a child board it might take a lot of the mishaps to be avoided completely, or at least it would rule out a possible excuse. Either way I see it lightening the load on the mods. Again I totally agree and second this motion.

Though, I am unsure of where you think this should go, I am directly relating to this board, the same board that has the forum rules thread stickied. :smiley: (I’m not being sarcastic, note the lack of a sarcmark lol :P)

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touche! haha idk i was jk ??? thanks for backing that yea i really think it would help. lets keep this topic alive!

Noted. I will see what i can do.

No one should be bashing the mods. Casey, JM and I have full time jobs and families that we attend to. I have my hands in many other responsibilities. Moderating takes time, as does solving member fights and preventing raids from other forums.
This forum is only as good as its members make it.

But what a fun night that was.

What happened ? ???


Another thing I feel should be pointed out is the fact that the only compensation the mods receive is the satisfaction of helping provide an excellent service to us: the members. Take that and run with it.

I also second the notion of making the Looking for Help board a parent board.

I third that. Too many posts have been popping up that have been moved there.

i completely agree with you. im tired of searching for reviews buried under “what yoyo should i get” questions. most of the time, in those threads people dont even state their preference, making it useless.

Agreed. If it were a parent board, more people might use it instead of posting it in a random section. BTW, d4rqk0n3 the “My Thoughts” thing in your signature is awesome. Also, great post. :slight_smile: