other skill toys section.

I have noticed that some people are also interested in other skill toys.
such as Steven who is into fingerboards now and some other people that like spin tops and diabolo and other skill toys.
who thinks the same?

Haha what about rubik’s cubes 8)

I believe that would cover Rubiks cubes.

Yeah it would be kinda cool, but this is a yoyo website, so we have to leave it to Andre to deside.

Fingerboarding!!! Yo-yoing is still awsome tho. :smiley:

one reason I have this.
another is I am starting to get into other things also.

That would be good but it is called Yoyoexpert…

Yeah, but YoYoNation has one as well. And it has the same similarities with YoYo. We have an unrelated discussion place, that has nothing to do with yoyos either.


I love tops. I bought a new one at Indiana State Yoyo Contest. Don’t know how to throw it yet. Last year I got into making ceramic tops.

im into yoyoing,skateboarding,diaboloing,magic tricks, and tops

Yoyoguy also sells other things besides yoyos

So does YYN.
But how is that related to this? Showing that yoyo sites can also have non-yoyo related stuff?
Yes, but for now, the Unrelated Disscusion Section is where that should go.