MFD forte? Oh yes.

Just got mine in the mail today and I will say that this is an amazing throw. Pick one up if you can. Mfd does a lot of special color ways. Very slick!

Wow, I can tell you’re really impressed and intend to put a lot of effort into this review as time permits.


This amazing review persuaded me to buy the Forte, you must be to excited to sit down and write a review it is so good. Jk but I actually did order one, it looks like a great throw and I love Mike Monty’s style.

Got my forte I will give my first impressions. This yoyo is so flowy, I love the accuracy you can achieve on this thing. It faster than you would think and feels a lot lighter than you would think. It also carries alot of momentum which equates to powerful spintimes. Just thought that this throw deserved a proper first impression.

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Awesome, thanks for that! I’ve been planning on getting one ;D

I liked my Forte so much I decided to order a Gelada also. I am starting to fall in love with MFD