Introducing the Forte by Mike Montgomery and MonkeyfingeR Design

(MikeMonty) #1

Hey guys! Very exciting for me to announce this after keeping it under wraps for several months (and yes, I’m copying and pasting the youtube description):

"In which Mike presents his new signature yo-yo, the Forte. Designed by him and manufactured by his sponsor, MonkeyfingeR Design. Based on his first two yo-yo designs, the BassBoost and Beast, the Forte takes the best aspects of those two throws and improves upon and combines them into a new amazing, competition grade yo-yo.

P.s., Thanks to Vero for helping film and keeping me company while I missed the last combo in this video 50 times :)"

(UmeNagisa) #2

The combo at :55.
Some of the smoothest, slickest maneuvers I’ve seen.
Please break that down for us…


Looks awesome. Hope MFD do some of those awesome ano jobs like they did on the Lesula. Can’t wait to get one. Specs?


Another yoyo I’ll have to get my hands on :smiley: more closeup pics and specs please ;D

And as for your throwing, I LOVE your style… You turn stuff that’s not too difficult and “make the simple amazing”, and the slow motion you use in your videos really show for it! Really helps when people try to break it down themselves. And you got some pretty complex stuff in there too. On top of that, everything is SOOO smooth, are you andre’s apprentice? :smiley:

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #5

I just saw the first colourway for this. Its their best yet.


How much is it gonna cost? I’m reallyinterested in getting one :slight_smile:

(Jeremy Mryoyothrower McKay) #7

Hasn’t been announced yet, but previous MFD throws have retailed for between 99 and 115 dollars.

(MikeMonty) #8

Hey guys, just got word that my signature yo-yo, the Forte, is going to be selling for $125usd. Just wanted to let you guys know since some of you had been wondering. Still haven’t gotten the final word on the release date However… Will let you know when I know :slight_smile:


Awesome! If it comes out in a few weeks I’m gonna be the first buyer :wink:


sweet! Waiting for it!