So I was given a yoyo company...

So to all my minions.  Yes, all three of you.  After two happy years I have left MonkeyfingeR Design.  I have done this becuase I was offered the position of head of King Yo Star Canada.  So there you go, I’m now running a yoyo company.  More to follow as I start figureing out what that is going to loook like.  For now if you want to keep up with my tutorials and all that, pop over to King Yo Star and click the ‘like’ button and stay tuned!

Isn’t the forte your signature?

Good luck! It must be very exciting!

No it is Michael Montgomery’s signature, this isn’t Michael Montgomery

It mikemontys Sig good luck with the company!

Oh wow. Epic fail on my part!!! Yeah good luck with the company, and congrats!

Lol, thank you all! I’ll be expecting you each to buy one when I get them :wink: I’m hoping Yoyoexpert will pick some up as well. (Hint hint Andre) Lol

I will always accept free yo-yos…just puttin’ that out there…

Jussayin, if you ever want a tester, ship it to me. Y’know, with the shipping costs and whatnot…


But seriously, congrats, and good luck!

You literally just got handed one of my all time favorite companies of many years…

Yay, built in fans!

I will be doing the occasional online contest, so you never know!

I tried my friend kingyo star that he won in a surge bag before BAC. And I loved it. The cups are so nice for finger spins