Monkeyfinger Forte: A High Speed YoYo Review

Sometimes I swear Monkeyfinger is run by the guys from “Strange Brew”. There must be something in the water up there that is causing them to come up with such bizarre looking yet uniquely fun to play yo-yos. Sure they came out with the tame looking Gelada but then they released the Lesula and Evil Yo two of the craziest designs I have had the opportunity to play. Now, the “plan” that the MFD guys told me was to bring out a crazy design followed by a tame/safe one so I was expecting Mike Montgomery’s signature yo-yo to be a little more conventional. I was wrong, Mike brought the Samuel Adams to complement the Monkeyfinger Molsen. The Forte is an unconventional signature design created to fit Mike’s needs and I can’t wait to give it a shot. The Monkeyfinger crew has proven time and time again that they know unconventional/crazy. Will this be the crazy that send them to Bellevue or have they Houdini’d out of another straightjacket?

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It says, at 98.6 grams. Change that to 68.6 :wink:

Yikes!!! At that weight it would be awesome if it was a speedy little thing. :slight_smile:

Fixed it.

Indeed man! haha!

Haha, that would be awesome.