Monkeyfinger Prime8: A High Speed YoYo Review

Monkeyfinger Design is back with their latest release; MFD team member Tyler Jorgensen’s signature throw the Prime8. Tyler has been with the yo-yo community for quite some time, working with Mike Montgomery on Yo-Yo Course and then branching out into his own site with The Yo-yo Show. I have said it before, when a signature throw is done properly (meaning when the company works hand in hand with the player to create it) you get to truly know that player and his style, quite a bit more than if you simply watch their videos. I will admit, I have heard of Tyler and I have seen a couple of his videos but I am not as familiar with his work as I am with other players. That is by no means a knock against Mr. Jorgensen, there are so many phenomenal players in the community that it would be a monumental undertaking to familiarize yourself with all their work. That being said, I always look forward to trying a new signature throw so that I can see how others approach this hobby that I love so much.

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I don’t much care for yoyos over 66 grams.

It has been proven more than a few dozen times that high performance yoyos can weigh 66 grams or less and play amazingly well.

There is no logical reason to slipknot a small boat anchor to your finger.

Mono metal, bi-metal, tri-metal, plastic metal… whatever; can achieve high level performance without the extra thud at the bottom of the throw😳

There ‘are’ exceptions though.

I have the Monkeyfinger Prime8 in the Cosmic Fingerprint colorway. < The only Prime8 so far in 7075.

Minus string, my Prime8 weighs 67.5(on my digital gram scale).

I have found that the heavier yoyos are; more often than not; they feel various levels of ‘clunky’ if the weight isn’t well distributed.

On the very first throw, I felt that little extra heft as I put the Yoyo in motion. Wasn’t too thrilled immediately.

Every throw after the first one, got me feeling the power and stability of the Yoyo and thinking less about the weight.

I don’t think the weight could have been placed any better.

The Prime8 is grea8t🤓

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Thank you for your insights on the 7075 version. I need to try one out some time. I absolutely love the 6061 version that I reviewed. It will be interesting to see what Monkeyfinger comes up with to try and top this.

I got a 7075 coming this week I hope, thanks for the insight on the 7075!!