Monkeyfinger Lesula: A High Speed YoYo Review


Monkeyfinger is back again with a new design. They seem to be following a cycle where they release a bonkers design followed by a more traditional. Their first release was the Evil-Yo, a completely insane design that played quite well. Up next there was the Gelada a classically shaped butterfly yo-yo that received high praise from this site. The pendulum has once again swung back to insanity and now we have the Lesula. I won’t even wait until the Construction section to say it, this yo-yo… sorry, return top, is jaw-dropping nuts in looks. On their website, Monkeyfinger’s mission states “We pride ourselves on design, craftsmanship, ingenuity, evolution and making customer minded products.” Time to see if this new design is too far out there, or another great push in newer directions from this “out of the box minded” company.

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That was an extremely thorough review.

Nicely done sir.


Yes, Great review.


Thanks guys, I was afraid I was a little too critical in some areas but I always give my honest opinion.

Funny thing is I love reviewing crazier yoyos like this than more traditional shapes. Yoyos like the Lesula keep everything fun and fresh, something we must do in this community.


I left my own comment on your site itself, but the short version is: I love it for its uniqueness and lighter weight. There’s nothing else remotely like it in my collection. :slight_smile:


Nice review. If I think about buying a yoyo, I always check to see what you think of it first;) Keep up the good work:)


Thanks for writing this review. Great as always! I have just one question: how does it play in terms of horizontal? I am guessing that the catch zone helps. Sorry if i missed it in the review!


It was quite good at learning horizontal as well. I am not the best at horizontal play but I dabble. The catch zone was super easy to hit for someone like me who is still learning.


Great review. I haven’t been too excited about a yoyo for a while, but the Lesula looked amazing and is something I really wanted to get. This review told me everything I needed to know and I think I’m going to get it now.

Great job.


We are in the same boat LOL. Thanks for replying!


Love the review :slight_smile:
It’s probably too minor to state, but you did misspell “quiet” when describing the bearing :stuck_out_tongue: