Does anyone know how much this will be when it drops???

(G2 Jake) #2

I think I read 125


Seriously? It’s on the New Release page…


Oh my god it looks like the perfect pocket throw…


Thanks…sorry I didn’t see that


But isn’t it full sized?


Yes, but it’s only 36mm wide.


Yup I realized diameter has nothing to do it, it’s all width.

(Steve Brown) #9

Review should be up on YoYoNews in the next day or so.


I want one so bad!


Haha, I was just gonna make a topic about this!

And whoever says MF’s anodizing is bad, well, grrr…


Oh yeah, I just saw the spec sheet, and it looks like it would work pretty well as a pocket throw. A bit thin for my liking though.


I got to play one.
Its like a bear vs man just more angular bigger diameter and has a old school feel to it.
Its a cool throw.


Specs are very close to the G5, anyone make a comparison?


Someone said that? Whaaaaaaaaaa…


I know right??


Ok I really really want one of these now… Will deff my next metal buy!
A floaty slim metal :slight_smile: and those anos are BEAUTIFUL!


I wish MF would collaborate a lot more with other companies to release special edition colorways done by MF.

Kind of like the Avalanche colorways done by MF.


MFD’s ano is amazing.

If my guess is right, one of the FB posts is hinting that they will be offering a custom ano service, too. Possibly only on THEIR models. I don’t know, it’s only a guess. :smiley:

Regarding the Forte, I’m all about yoyos that offer something “different” for me, and this fits the bill bigtime.


I’m, somewhat, turned off by the narrow-ness… I may still have to get one though just because I like their other crazy things.