Hey Guys, I was wondering if anyone could compare the monkeyfinger gelada and forte.

You should ask mike Montgomery he is a MFD sponsored player and likes the gelada and has his signature throw the forté.

I will let you know on Monday I just got my Forte and loved so much I ordered a Gelada. I should have it by Monday and then I will have a definitive answer. But tell me more about your play style and I can help you decide.

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I like something fast. I don’t really care about weight. Pic like something stable, really good for grinds and also pretty good for horizontal. 55mm diameter is about as high as I want to go so that was my hesitation with the gelada and forte. Also I was wondering how they compare to the chief.

Gelada if you want something good for horizontal. The Gelada is the one of those two that best fits your play style. At 57 mm the Gelada is only slightly bigger than the Cheif. The Gelada according to the reviews I have read is supposedly on the light side and a little floaty. It can also handle a variety of speeds.


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Now that I got my Gelada, I will give you my first impression. Floaty and light, it feels a lot smaller than it is. holds horizontals pretty well. Great throw definitely something to add to your collection. Compared to the forte which is heavier by about 3 grams and way thinner, you would hands down prefer the gelada.

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