TopYo MK2 or MonkeyFingeR Aotus

Hi, as the title says I’m looking to find out which one is best. I’ve seen the Aotus on this forum countless times, but I’ve not seen a single person talk about the MK2, so in my eyes, it seems the Aotus should be better (even though it’s difficult to find in my favorite colorway). Let me know what you think about the two!

Haven’t thrown a mk2 but I was unimpressed with the Aotus.

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Aotus is one of my favorite throws to grab all of the time. It’s very well designed.

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Because it wasn’t good or just not interesting?

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That’s what people have seemed to indicate.

It was plenty smooth but I didn’t find anything about it to stand out among my other throws.

I’ll admit I tend to like lighter throws as well so it probly played a part in me not enjoying it too much but even the shape wasn’t very comfortable in my hand.

The gelada remains my favorite monkeyfinger


to @sparhawk’s point, i tend to like throws smaller, lighter… the gelada 2.1 is my favorite mfd as well.

i have the aotus and have been moving out of my comfort zone on a couple pieces lately (size in this case). this fits that bill enough for me. and being manufactured by a company i know and trust, i had more faith in my expectations of consistency in the throw, as opposed to grabbing another brand.


Those are some good points. What makes the Gelada so much better except for the size and weight fitting your preferences better?

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I find the overall shape of the gelada to be more comfortable in my hand. The lightness of the yoyo helped it be more maneuverable and fun for me as well.

I feel that as yoyos get heavier they tend to feel like you’re having to push them instead of just doing your tricks.


some of my other preferred throws - sudo, einstein, hattrick, etc, and (tibape now :grin:) are generally smaller ‘organics’. the grail was generally the largest organic/piece in my collection for a while, next to the orbitron 5000 (highly recommended even for a larger throw).

right now, the aotus and 420 are my largest pieces. and i put off the 420 for so long because it looked so damn unwieldy. fortunately it’s not.

on a side note about large throws… and W-shapes. the g2 direwolf is an outstanding throw. it’s a big guy too, imo. i’ve heard the same about the onomatapiea, but i personally cannot attest to that.


I’ve honestly always been basically of the opposite opinion of finding larger and heavier throws to be more interesting, though I think I just like the feeling of something hefty with a lot of power. Also, I’ve honestly not tried very many small and light throws, so I might just not have the taste for it yet.
I will say that the TiVayder is amazing!


I have both the Onomatopoeia and the Direwolf.

Way back during my signature yoyo days. The Motrix, the Motu and the MicroMo are pretty accurate examples of the primary size range that appeals(appealed) to me.

Easy outside my normal comfort range. Both the Dire and the Onomato just impress the heck out of me. One is as amazing as the other. I would not even consider selling them.

I had a 420(lighter version). Beautiful design for a larger organic shape. It need ‘no’ improvement. The only reason I sold mine was one of the guys had been looking for one for a minute…
But I intend to hunt down another 420.

I have an Aotus. I got the Spy vs Spy version.
The yo-yo is a Superb mono-metal yoyo. Excellent weight distribution. Silky finish and plays much faster than it looks.

What I don’t like about it is the ‘edgy feel’ of the outer rims. Has what I call a high smack factor. Uncomfortable feel in the hand and in the catch. But it ‘is’ a high performance yo-yo.