Monkeyfinger Ape-X: A High Speed YoYo Review

Finally!!! Finally I get to talk about this yo-yo. I have had this thing in my collection since August and have kept it under wraps until recently. The guys at Monkeyfinger have had this yo-yo for quite some time and it was actually sent to me with the Forte in late August with instructions to play the heck out of it but keep it out of the limelight until they were ready to announce it. Well, that is right and now it is time to get to the Ape-X review.

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Great review! Have been considering getting one of these since the release. Question though, would you consider it more on the floaty or solid side?

Zippy with a little bit of float.

I’ve heard others say it was a little on the slower side? This was the only reason I wasn’t putting this on my want list for PNWR. How fast can it go?

A most excellent choice in the non "v’ category. I just got another one in the Dragon Slayer Colorway.

Simply outstanding… I did put a center trac in it though.

I just happen to prefer semi-centering bearings. You may not. Either way, the Ape-x is a Keeper.

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