Poll: fast/floaty/solid (8 voting options)

Just curious. Correct me if i’m wrong about the following. A yoyo can be floaty or solid, but not both; it can be floaty or solid while also being fast, slow or a medium pace (if this is your preference, please select an “in general” option. I realize that these terms, especially “floaty,” are very difficult to quantify and are often debatable as a result. That’s why there are 8 choices instead of 3.

Unless I have made a major error here, let’s keep the comments to the minimum. People always seem to get into arguments on my topics… you know who you are.

I was just about to comment when I read this sentence. I do know who I am.


made me laugh a lot!! hahaha :smiley: :smiley:

ok sorry sorry

Keep the votes coming! Vote “______ in general” if you prefer medium speed

I can’t believe the highest percent prefer a floating yoyo. When I describe a yoyo a floaty i am normally saying it isn’t heavy enough for me. Maybe I’m using the term wrong. But I want to feel like there is actually a yoyo at the end of my string, not a flipping Macy days float lol

For me, the only reason I would want float is for extra speed. If I can have fast and solid, than I don’t care for any speed. I’m not sure if floaty and solid are opposites though. The Draupnir people describe as floaty, but I find it really solid.

I said “Fast and Solid” but really, like Floaty and Solid best. As weird as that sounds, try a T1.

Just got a T1 about a week ago for my birthday and oh. my. god. I love that yoyo. Super chill and floaty but you can push it if you want. it is wonderful.
And yes, like i said, these terms are difficult to define, so just go with what you feel is closest

You forgot the option for “zippy”.

Is there an option for simply don’t give a chicken? I enjoy all yoyos so long as they work.

Yeah, but everyone else in the world is picky.

Don’t vote. Wham, logic.

I think floaty yoyos are more often on the medium to slow end of the sprectrum, but there are plenty of fast and floaty ones as well. Floaty is to solid like fast is to slow

Well. I could do that. But. My opinions usually pretty good.

Got a smooth nickel one a few days ago. Super chill and floaty is right.

Such an underrated throw; maybe it’s the “collab” aspect? Idk

I think it’s probably also that it’s so different looking. The more complex a shape is, the harder it is for people to gauge how it will play, and therefore they’ll be reluctant to shell out the money for it.

Simple V, H, and O shapes are fairly predictable. The T1 just has so much going on that it’s hard to tell what it’ll play like. Not a negative thing at all, but I can see why people might be cautious.

Not sure, but yeah it is underrated. I remember in September I tried one out for a few minutes and thought it was good but not amazing. Got my own a week ago and after I had a couple days of using just the T1, I noticed a big difference when using my other throws. I feel like the T1 isn’t an immediate superstar, but then you get used to it and go back to something else and realize how awesome it is

I had a similar experience with my Orbitron 5000. A few days after I bought it I wasn’t really enjoying it. Tried to return it, but the manager of the store wasn’t working that day, so I couldn’t.

Took it home, decided to give it another shot, and played it exclusively for a couple days. Sure enough, it’s nuances started to click with me, and I couldn’t put it down. Now I’m really glad the manager wasn’t working that day, because I totally would have sold it before finding out its true potential. It’s now my go-to laid back throw.

A few days late to the party but I’m surprised at just how many people prefer solid yoyos. I am one of them myself, but I was under the impression that floaty throws were what most people desired and a lot of people saw solidness as not particulary a good thing.

It’s interesting to see that this isn’t actually the case. :slight_smile: