Let's compile a yo-yo trait dictionary!

Hey all! So people often say things about yo-yos, they’re smooth, they’re floaty, they’re fast, I like to say that some of them are gooey or solid. I’m also not exactly sure what floaty means.

I would love to create a comprehensive list of these traits, with definitions of each one and what creates each one.

Let’s start with the ones I feel I can define mostly :):
When a yo-yo has very little to no vibe. Yo-yos sometimes have vibe at the very beginning of the throw because of a wide gap and string decentralization. And is created from the yo-yo halves being machined perfectly round and fitting together perfectly straight. It however does not imply the quality of the yo-yo.

The opposite, vibe.
When the yo-yo has a slight vibration even after the initial vibe that sometimes happens at the beginning of a throw. It is created by the yo-yo halves not being exactly round and/or the two halve not fitting together perfectly straight.

That all of them that I feel like I have a grasp of. Feel free to edit, rewrite, or add to my definitions if you feel you can improve them. And please write definitions of your own and please be open to your work being edited, and re edited until we get to something we all like :). If there’s conflicting opinion about any of the definitions we can discuss it in detail and will likely list all the opinions in the definition or maybe split the opinions into two different traits in our little dictionary.

Edited out the part about creating separate threads, if you didn’t read it don’t worry about it. I think we can discuss it all well in just one thread.

Have a blast, and be one with the yo-yo.

Hm… Good idea to help out some new players.

Floaty: this seems to be a very vague word, but I have a Raptor, which people say is floaty, and a Genesis, which is supposed to be solid, so I guess I’ll just describe the differences, and we can get a definition from that.
The raptor is light, easy to get moving, and has very little rim weight. It leaves your hand with no resistance to unwinding due to torque, and the light weight makes it hit the bottom of the string with no bump or tug. Whereas my Genesis has a lot of rim weight and weight. It seems to resist unwinding due to torque, and kerthunks on the bottom of the string.

High walled: after the response, a straight edge goes up for a ways until turning out.

Low walled: After the response, the yoyo flares immediately out.

Starbursts: small bumps that provide response.

Ergh… That’s all I can think of for now. Now, can someone define sand blast, bead blast, candy blast, and slip matte?

Floaty = You know, that feeling. That feeling that some people say a yoyo has and others maintain that the same yoyo doesn’t have. A yoyo may or may not have float, and you may or may not experience it when throwing any yoyo, whereas someone else may or may not experience it when throwing the same yoyo and may or may not experience it as a different sensation as you when throwing said yoyo.


Person A - “I found the CLYW Chief to be the floatiest yoyo ever!”

Person B - “Really? I thought it was the most solid throw I had ever thrown. The floatiest yoyo ever is the Dreadnaught G.”

Person C - “I didn’t find any of these floaty, but I found the C3 BTH to float about like a cloud!”

Person D - “You wan’t solid? You should try a Werrd Pacquaio, it’s like an anchor on a string! The mighty Flea is the float king!”

etc. [/i]

Seriously though, lets leave “floaty” and “solid” out of this. :stuck_out_tongue:


I know you’re just making a point but lol, that still cracked me up

Perhaps we can relatively define floaty. Is floaty synonymous to light? What feels light to a body builder is going to feel very heavy for me.

Maybe person A B C and D are all saying floaty but meaning different things. Or maybe there are multiple elements to floaty that should be named separately.

Is solid a similarly difficult thing to define?

Let’s do our best to define every trait we can, and if we can’t that’s alright, but let’s give them a good stab :slight_smile:

I feel that “floaty” and “solid” are not that good of a description of a yoyo. The better route is “stable”.

Everybody has there own opinion on that subject, because everybody has different preferences on yoyos.

You can set up a website with weebly thats called yoyo dictionary and add all of the words with definitions from this thread

I sorta did this a few months back. And some other guy did it’s year before that.

Not complaining or anything just saying that there are other threads out there that you can refrence from.

That made me laugh xD

If you could post links to those threads that would be awesome :slight_smile:

Does anybody else say “hefty” instead of solid? IDK why, I just like it more, LOL. It kind of makes more sense to me in a way. Ever since YYN started releasing reviews and they used the word “hefty” as the opposite of floaty, it stuck with me. LOL.


Heres one I did way back when.

Very awesome! I was much more looking to create clear definitions of the words people use to describe how yo-yos play. Does anyone else have anything to input???

Bumping for more ideas :slight_smile: Who wants to get in on this???