So, What yoyo do you think is the......

Hey Guys!
Thought this would be fun!

What yoyo do you think is the…

Most Accurate?

(Yes i am aware i totally said Bye Bye to Grammar :D)

My Personal list is

Flowiest?- Puffin
Fastest?- Sleipnir or Phenom or Fragment
Floaty-est? Lynx
Slowest? Dreadnought G
Solid-est? Hmmm, Tough call. Probably the CB Avalanche KLR, or Majesty
Powerful-est? Fragment, Sleipnir, Cliff, 7075 Chief, BVM2, Anglam CC
Bland? Dv888,Positron
Funn-est?Cliff, Chief, BVM2, Fragment, Puffin, Agape,
Most Accurate?Fragment, 6

Flowiest? Canvas
Fastest? Model 10
Floaty-est? Model 10
Solid-est? Chief
Powerful-est? 5 star
Bland? Peak
Funn-est? Hatrick
Most Accurate? Model 10

Peak seems Bland to you?
i Felt it had lots of character!

Well it wasn’t “bad”, but it is just an oversized marmot. Took me all 3 years of yoyoing so far to get one, then I was very dissapointed. Plus, it’s just opinion so anything could be bland to certain people.

For what it’s worth the Wolly Marmot is actually an undersized Peak. Not the other way around. :slight_smile:

My thoughts exactly :smiley:

ughhhhhhhhh, I haven’t played nearly as many yoyo’s as a lot of folks around here but this sounds kind of fun

Flowiest? Err… idk about this
Fastest? M10
Floaty-est? Newest Anti-yo prototype, but not sure… would like to try it again
Slowest? This 76g FHZ I use is kind of ‘slow’
Solid-est? Hmm, Pyro feels pretty solid
Powerful-est? 7075 Majesty
Bland? Peter Fish throw
Funn-est? FHZ
Most Accurate? Any G-Yo
Coolest? FHZ or H3X

I added ‘Coolest’ cuz I felt it deserved to be in here

Well, I definitely haven’t played that many throws, but from my limited experience I’d have to say:

Flowiest: Probably my H3X
Fastest: I’d have to say a Protostar
Floaty-est: I’m gonna go with my MYY N5 Desperado
Slowest: Definitely my MYY T10 Dark Angel 2
Solid-est: Again going to go with my MMY T10.
Blandest: Hm, this is a tough one. To be honest, I feel like the DM2 is a pretty bland throw
Fun-est: It’s a three-way tie between my H3X, my Phenom, and my Protostar
Most Accurate: Hm… I gotta say it’s my H3X. First yoyo I landed Mel Hops and Ninja Vanish on.
Coolest: H3X. Hands down. I love the DM2 shape, but something about a DM2 doesn’t play right. The H3X however fixes all of that.

I decided to carry on SkyHigh’s “coolest” addition. :wink:

I’ve only played like 10 throws but here are my thoughts.
Flowiest: Cliff
Fastest: 6061 Majesty
Floaty-est: My stackless satined DNA
Slowest: Capella
Solid-est: Genesis
Bland: Counter Attack
Funn-est: Cliff
Most accurate? Majesty I guess but how is a yoyo suppose to be accurate?

its just a feeling i get from some yoyos.
it just feels like its never gonna miss.

Flowiest: Smooth Move
Fastest: Bounty Hunter
Floaty-est: Smooth Move
Slowest: Metal zero
Solid-est: falcon
Funn-est: smooth move
coolest: any nickle throw(my smooth move:D)

Flowiest: Agape
Fastest: Sleipnir
Floatiest: Sleipnir
Slowest: Maverick :wink:
Funnest: Blink
coolest: Sleip of course
Weirdest: Noctu
I also don’t have much, or tried much. :stuck_out_tongue:

Flowiest: c3 dark sonic
Fastest: yoyofficer aura
Floatiest: yyf severe(2012)
Slowest: yyf counter attack
Funnest: xcube steam roller
coolest: monkey finger lesula
Weirdest: c3 bth(look at it
solid-est: yyf equilateral

I guess you are talking in terms of release dates? Because doesn’t it mean the same thing?

Flowiest? idk
Fastest? MN
Floaty-est? Gnarwhal
Slowest? Dreadnaught
Solid-est? sleipnir
Powerful-est? Sasquatch
Bland? idk
Funn-est? Ywet