Monkey Finger!!!!!


I was wondering something . Does anyone know it monkeyfinger has talked about a restock of some of there other throws??? I would like to pick one or 2 up.


The Evil-yo is still my favorite. The Gelada is k. The Lesula is nice too. I’ll wait to see if the Forte is nice too.


I don’t believe they have said but I doubt it. Since the Lesula and Evil-Yo were kind of “out-there” they may not believe it to be in their best interest to reproduce.


Never tried their other throws, but the Evil Yo is awesome and it’s one of my favorites.


Easy 8 second grind with the Monkey Finger Buff they put on mine. Evil-yo is amazing.


For those of you who have played a Lesula, how is it?

(WildCat23) #7

I can beat that without the buff. I’ve easily gone 9 before. I also think I’ve made 10 as well.


I get 11 seconds buffless.


Yeah, but effortlessly. Not by throwing the Evil-yo as hard as you can.