Moderators please view. And knot placement

Well hello, my name is Sammy Harper. I have noticed a repetitive problem with the forum. I have a wonderful idea that i would love to share with a moderator. So moderators please PM me first come first serve on this idea yo yooooo! Anyways. Figured we could turn this into a topic as well. Where do you guys place your TH knot? As a child i put it as close to my hand on my middle finger as possible. But after throwing and observing for five years i have moved it down to the middle knuckle of the finger. Thoughts?

I put mine near the front.

YYE site improvement forum.

The base of my index finger.

I think this topic fits fine right here.

Or is that not what you’re asking?

Like this

I’m kind of confused about this topic.

Are there one or two things he is talking about?

I feel as though he noticed something wrong on the forums, didn’t want to say it, but wanted to say it in pms…

Or I could be completely wrong. :-\


Middle of my middle finger. But I shift it up and down while yoyoing.

Just above my middle knuckle.

I think this is how 90% of the yoyo community does it. I think Andre even says to put it there in one of the tutorial videos.

Same as above

well, i feel awkward now. I wear mine near the base of my middle finger.

Yea i have something about the forums. I didn’t just want to waste a topic post. But I’ve noticed out farther on your middle finger you can control the string more easily.

Then maybe send one of us a PM. don’t be shy.

Or you could share it with us common folk.

Okay… Well im tired of seeing people post topics for help with boingy boingy. I am making a detailed turorial of the trick, and would like to know if I put my all into this video, if the moderators would sticky it. Its just one of those tricks that people tend to need detailed instruction on the movement of the trick. Thought it would be a good idea. I didnt know who the moderators are so i just topic’d it.

Pure genius.

Somebody, get this man in line for the Nobel bloody Prize.

You know, I was wrong about you, kid. You gotta great head on your shoulders. You’re gonna go places.

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Not sure how to take you bro but if that was a personal attack good job buddy, you accomplished nothing.