Mini-Chat Night! Tomorrow at 7:00 PM EST (4:00 PM PST) Courtesty of Phiz!

Didnt win Wednesday’s chat night? Need another chance? Well, come to this mini-chat night, sponsored by phiz! She will offer the winner and runner-up a prize! The chat night will be similar to André’s. Full details coming in the chat!
Remember the chat will be on Sunday, March 22nd, 2009 at 4:00 PM PST (Thats 7:00 PM EST)

Also, to André: If you wish for us not to do this, we will respect your wishes. Phiz just wanted to do what we did before, so I honored her request, but if you wish us not too, feel free to lock this thread :slight_smile:

Sounds great to me!!! :slight_smile:
Thanks to Phiz and Samad for putting this together!

Thank phiz completely. I’m just asking the questions.

And the community gets even better.

You guys beat me to an idea I had. Think I might still do it, though. Big things in store.

phiz, this is awesome.

And this is not the first time!

Phiz is so awesome! ;D

Sniff. I can’t go… Ah well, maybe during break. Anyways, have a good time, and can you post the winners, and the prizes??? I’m kinda curious.

awww i cant join…

Aww. Just a wee bit too late. Maybe I shouldn’t have hoped for it to be earlier. Still a bit sad that it is at 00:00 CET though.

What are the prizes?


I will be there! Get your game faces on! This is mine >:(. Lol

I say samad cant join!!! ;D ;D ;D He’ll win again… and again…

Samad won’t join either, he’s making the questions.

YAY!!!(No Offence) But IDK what time it would be here in MN… Probably 6:00 is when I have dinner… GREAT

I always seem to miss the chats, how do they work?

The prizes will be a Plastic Grind Machine with Hubstacks for first place and a Speedmaker for second place.

phiz should be the next yoyo forum expert. and also for phiz can we pick which color we would like the yoyo to be if we win :smiley:

We are starting at 7:00 Eastern Standard Time, 6:00 Central, 5:00 Mountain, and 4:00 Pacific. Samad is putting together the questions and will present the game. He will ask yoyo-related questions of all types. We’ll have a first prize (Plastic Grind Machine) and a runner-up prize (Speedmaker) from the YoYoExpert site. Samad will get the winners’ address info to Andre’, and I’ll pay for the yoyos and shipping.

Hmm…do you guys think we should extend the chat night by one hour? Or make it earlier for the other folks?

EDIT: We think it wouldnt be wise to change the time after advertising it. Sorry.

I will be there! :smiley: