Welcoming PM.

So I signed up to YoYoExpert so my friend could have an account. (David)

And I was reading the welcoming PM with him. I found that it says this:

I bolded that part; Remember to find out when chat night happens and have fun!!!

We don’t really have the chat night anymore, so I just thought I would bring this to notice.

If you could change it that would be great!


Oh yeah, that should probably be changed. Or maybe one of the eXperts could try to do chat night?

Chat night is still there, its just not a contest anymore. Its just the time that most people get onto chat.

Yeah, chat night is still going. Just take a look at the front page:

There doesn’t have to be a contest. It’s just the time when most people are/should be in the Chat.

Yeah and that is just fine.

I wish there were still contests though. :-\

According to Andre, he is working on a new approach to them. Too many people to use the chat room.

(Not according to Andre anymore) That “Post to Win” contest was probably a temporary replacement for the Chat contest, because we didn’t have any contests for a while.

I think the post to win thing wasn’t that good. Got my mom yelling at me. :-\

You shouldn’t blame the contest for what you did, huh?

Anyways, I suppose rsmod is right so there isn’t really more to discuss here.

samad held the contest once i think he did great and it was fun
so i think that andre should have the prize be like a 100 pack of string or some thing and have the xperts host it in turn every week

well i signed up after chat night ended so im not sure what chat night is so all i know that it was a contest but what did you do to win

You answer questions about yoyos, and stuff like that. André did raffles also.

But this was a bit old. Should I lock it?

The host would ask questions, the person who got the most points would win, I think.

Other people maybe would want a say in this, and the thread is alive again, so I say just leave it.

so what did he put for prizes

Mostly YYJ yo-yo’s. The grand prize was sometimes an Axiom, second sometimes got a Dark Magic, third sometimes got a Legacy.

No, it was one yoyo ussually, not multiple ones. but a gift certificate sometimes. And shirts for raffles.

Yep, I got a Legacy for the first chat night, a Jamboo for the third chat night, and a gift certificate for the 4th chat night.

I’ve won all the official chat nights except the second one. :o

Lucky… I wish Andre would do contests again. I wasn’t here yet when Chat Night was going on.

It’d be nice, but it got to be too expensive. Also, he’s pretty busy.